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Each November, the membership chooses who will sit on the Executive Board, per NEA By-laws, Section 5. We encourage all current NEA members to shape our organization by participating as either a voter or a candidate. 

Election winners are announced shortly after voting ends by the NEAdiscuss listserv. They take office at the close of the Annual Business Meeting held in the spring.


A Nominating Committee is responsible for constructing a slate of candidates through direct outreach and peer or self-nominations. The Immediate Past President chairs the committee and the Executive Board appoints its members.

The committee currently seeks candidates for Vice President/President-Elect, Representative-at-Large, and Treasurer-Elect for our November election! All members in good standing are eligible to serve. Nominate yourself or others before August 2, 2024

About the Vice President/President-Elect

The Vice President (VP) serves NEA for three years, becoming President and then Immediate Past President (IPP) in the second and third years, respectively. In the first year, the VP is responsible for welcoming new leaders to the organization, laying the foundation for the Spring 2027 Meeting in collaboration with the Meeting Coordinator, and assisting the President with leading the organization. The President and IPP support the VP in learning and performing the role. See the VP job description for more details.

This role may be right for you if:

  • You believe in the importance of NEA and want to be part of shaping its future.

  • You enjoy leading a group of colleagues in accomplishing shared goals.

  • You’re organized and excel at keeping things on track.

  • You’d like to add demonstrated leadership experience to your resume. 

About the representative-at-large (2)

NEA has four Representatives-at-Large who serve staggered three-year terms. The Reps-at-Large work together to represent NEA’s membership, liaise with NEA’s standing committees and roundtables, and lead the committees that select winners of NEA’s scholarships and professional development awards. Continuing Reps support new Reps in learning and performing the role. See the Rep-at-Large job description for more details.

This role may be right for you if:

  • You’re interested in the ideas and needs of NEA members.

  • You enjoy having variety in your responsibilities.

  • You’re collaborative and work well in a team.

  • You’d like to add demonstrated leadership experience to your resume.

About the Treasurer-Elect

The Treasurer-Elect serves NEA for two years, becoming Treasurer in the second year. In the first year, the Treasurer-Elect is responsible for tracking and reporting NEA’s income and expenses, maintaining NEA’s bank accounts, and paying NEA’s bills. The Treasurer-Elect has the support of the Treasurer and the Financial Planning Committee in learning and performing the role. See the Treasurer-Elect job description for more details.

This role may be right for you if:

  • You want to help NEA be a healthy, sustainable organization.

  • You enjoy managing a budget and working toward financial goals.

  • You’re detail-oriented and adept at learning new things.

  • You’d like to add demonstrated budgetary and financial management experience to your resume.


The NEA election is typically held in early November via secure online ballot. The election is open to all members in good standing at the time the election opens. These members will receive a link to the online ballot system via email.  

To be eligible to vote in November, make sure your membership is current and that your contact information, including email address, is up to date in the NEA membership database. Contact the Registrar if you experience difficulty renewing your membership or updating your information.

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