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First awarded in 2014, the New England Archivists Meeting & Travel Assistance Scholarships are given annually to support the attendance at the annual Spring Meeting of NEA members who would otherwise be unable to attend or who would face undue financial hardship as a result of doing so. Each scholarship includes registration for the Spring Meeting (at the early-bird rate) and up to $300 for travel and hotel expenses.

Completed applications are due by January 15th. Applications are reviewed for completeness and eligibility by the Representatives-at-Large, and recipients are selected by lottery from all complete and eligible applications. Applicants are informed of the selection results no later than January 30th.

How to Apply

Applicant Eligibility
These scholarships are open to Individual and Lifetime NEA members in good standing; the membership status of applicants will be verified by the Membership Secretary. Institutional members are not eligible. Student members are not eligible but may apply for the Susan J. von Salis Student Meeting & Travel Assistance Scholarship.

Recipients cannot be awarded the scholarship in more than one consecutive award cycle; therefore, recipients from the previous award cycle are not eligible.

Elected board members are not eligible for the award during their terms in office and for one year after they leave the board.

Application Submission
The application period begins in December, and completed applications are due by January 15th. Each applicant is permitted to submit only one application for a Meeting & Travel Assistance Scholarship per award cycle; however, applicants may apply for other awards in the same award cycle.

Complete applications will consist of:

Reimbursable travel and lodging expenses include hotel, car rentals, public transportation, airfare, parking, taxi/Uber/Lyft, tolls, and either gas or mileage at the IRS standard rate. NEA does not reimburse for meals or hotel incidentals.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application Review and Recipient Selection
Applications will be reviewed by the Representatives-at-Large to confirm valid membership and to review proposed budgets for accuracy. Any applicant found not to be in good standing will be asked to renew their membership in order to have their application considered. If membership is not renewed by a deadline set by the Representatives-at-Large, the application will not be considered.

Funds will be available each award cycle to grant at least three scholarships. If three or fewer eligible applications are received, all applicants will receive scholarships. If more than three eligible applications are received, recipients will be selected by lottery using the Random Name Picker. If funds allow and more than three eligible applications are received, as many recipients as possible will be selected by lottery using the Random Name Picker until no additional complete awards can be made. If no eligible applications are received, scholarships will not be awarded.

Applications for the Meeting & Travel Assistance Scholarship will be considered independently from any other applications submitted by the same applicant to other NEA awards during the same award cycle.

Fund Distribution
The NEA Treasurer will send checks for the total amount of each award to each recipient no later than the start of the Spring Meeting. Funds may only be used toward expenses related to the Spring Meeting held in the year the scholarship was awarded.

No later than two weeks after the close of the Spring Meeting, recipients will submit receipts for travel and hotel costs to the Treasurer. Unused funds in excess of $20 will be returned to NEA by the recipient.


Meeting & Travel Assistance Scholarship Records
Scholarship records, including applications, are stored on NEA’s content management system and managed in accordance with the NEA Record Schedule.


  • By November 1st, Communications Committee begins advertising scholarships.
  • By December 1st, Communications Committee begins advertising that the application period for the award is open.
  • By January 15th, all completed applications must be submitted.
  • Within fourteen days of the submission deadline, Representatives-at-Large announce recipients to Board and alert applicants of selection results. Representatives-at-Large provide award details to Treasurer, including travel and hotel award amounts.
  • No later than the early-bird registration deadline, scholarship recipients register for the Spring Meeting (registration reimbursement provided with travel and hotel award).
  • No later than the start of the Spring Meeting, Treasurer sends checks to scholarship recipients for the total of their travel and hotel award plus the early-bird registration fee.
  • At the Award Ceremony at the Spring Meeting, one Representative-at-Large announces the scholarship awards for the year, highlighting the total dollar amount awarded and the number of recipients who received the funds. No names or identifying information about recipients are announced.
  • No later than two weeks after the close of the Spring Meeting, scholarship recipients must submit receipts documenting the use of the travel and hotel award funds. Unused funds in excess of $20 are returned to NEA.

Updated 10/31/2017

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